Bio: Amy Martin graduated from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Creative Writing and a minor in Painting in 1995.   Her painting are predominately of the natural world and are often created plein air.  She most enjoys transforming old canvases of “failed” paintings by painting over them while leaving pieces of the original work in view.  A lake might become a cup of tea resting on a picnic blanket; a red clay desert floor flipped might become sky. 

Amy currently lives and works from her home studio on Camano Island in Washington. She is enrolled in Goddard College's MFA Creative Writing Program and is working on a book length memoir. 

Artist's Statement:  I paint plain air, oil on canvas, and strive to convey the experience of feeling the heat and rain and hearing the river current through expressive brushstrokes and sometimes muted, sometimes vivid emotive colors.  I love to put a clean edge on a dusky background and pull color from an underpainting to the foreground.  I like the process of my painting to peek though.   My work strives to bring the natural world into our homes and to inspire us to seek out the beauty in the world all around us.